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What Most Churches Are Not Telling You…

Most sermons we hear today boil down to one phrase - “all you have to do is believe”. And they don't talk about what to do after that. Believing is only the first step. After you accept the free gift of grace, the challenge begins, just like it did with the Israelites after they were saved from bondage in Egypt (SIN). Next came testing in the wilderness and a war to conquer the promised land. Are you prepared to be an OVERCOMER?

Are You Starving To Death For God's Word?

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Your typical church service starts out with lots of music and/or ritual to include numerous standing ups and sitting downs. Then comes the big message from God everyone was waiting for, only to be let down by the pastor rambling off several verses and then spending the rest of the time telling stories. At Christian Overcomers we let God do the teaching by studying His Word chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse. Watch: Feed My Sheep


"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" -Matthew 4:4
Genesis (Teaching Now)
Zechariah (14 Videos)
Deuteronomy (57 Videos)
Revelation (89 Videos)
Galatians (6 Videos)
Nehemiah (13 Videos)
Ezra (9 Videos)
Hebrews (13 Videos)
Ephesians (7 Videos)
Joel (3 Videos)
Micah (7 Videos)
James (5 Videos)
Short Topical Videos
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Christian Overcomers
P.O. Box 234
Princeton, MN 55371-3714

Christian Overcomers
P.O. Box 234
Princeton, MN 55371-3714