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Genesis (Teaching Now)
Zechariah (14 Videos)
Deuteronomy (57 Videos)
Revelation (89 Videos)
Galatians (6 Videos)
Nehemiah (13 Videos)
Ezra (9 Videos)
Hebrews (13 Videos)
Ephesians (7 Videos)
Joel (3 Videos)
Micah (7 Videos)
James (5 Videos)


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Zechariah 1: Visions of Revelation In The Night
Zechariah 2: Do We Seek Earthly or Heavenly Zion?
Zechariah 3: Visions of The Accuser & God's CIA
Zechariah 4: Not By Might or By Power
Zechariah 5: Put The Evil Woman In A Basket & Send Her Away
Zechariah 6: The Perfect Union Between Church & State
Zechariah 7: Obedience Is Better Than Ritual
Zechariah 8: America, The New Israel


Nehemiah 1: Prayer For Restoration & Rebuilding The Wall
Nehemiah 2: Permission Granted To Build The Wall
Nehemiah 3: The Wall Shall Be Built In Troublous Times
Nehemiah 4: Conspiracy To Stop The Wall From Being Built
Nehemiah 5: Our Politicians Have Buried Us In Debt
Nehemiah 6: Fake News Is Spread By The Enemies of God
Nehemiah 7: Christians Must Remain Vigilant 24/7
Nehemiah 8: The Joy of Unity & Understanding In God's Word
Nehemiah 9: American Nationalism Must Exalt God Above The State
Nehemiah 10: Did The Pilgrims Covenant America To God?
Nehemiah 11: They Willingly Offered Themselves For Zion
Nehemiah 12: One Nation Under God Rally!
Nehemiah 13: Fighting Corruption In God's House


Ezra 1: The Time For Restoration Has Begun
Ezra 2: The Faithful Remnant of Israel Returns
Ezra 3: The Altar - Building The Most Important Things First
Ezra 4: The Enemy Will Slander, Lie, & Do Whatever It Takes
Ezra 5: Just Build The Wall
Ezra 6: Reclaiming Our Right To Freely Practice Christianity In America
Ezra 7: Ezra Returns From Babylon With Persian Assistance
Ezra 8: Levites Were Lacking In Their Desire To Serve
Ezra 9: The Abominations of Multiculturalism and Diversity
Ezra 10: America Needs To Annul Its Unlawful Marriage With Pagan "Leftist" Ideologies


Galatians 1: Beware of False Gospels
Galatians 2: The Apostle Paul vs. Jewish Identity
Galatians 3: The True Seed of Abraham
Galatians 4: Don’t Be Deceived By Preachers of “Carnal” Zionism
Galatians 5: The War Between “Spirit” and “Flesh”
Galatians 6: We Will Reap What We Are Sowing


Hebrews 1: Superiority of The Son
Hebrews 2: What Is Man?
Hebrews 3: Jesus Is Superior To Moses
Hebrews 4: Finding Rest / Sabbath In Christ
Hebrews 5: Our Compassionate High Priest
Hebrews 6: Moving Past The ABC's Of Christianity "After" The Foundation Is Laid
Hebrews 7: Melchizedek - The Superior Priesthood of Christ
Hebrews 8: Transformation From Within The Heart
Hebrews 9: The Way Into The Holiest Revealed
Hebrews 10: The Perfect Sacrifice: Why Jesus Was The Messiah
Hebrews 11: Overcoming By Faith
Hebrews 12: Enduring Until The End
Hebrews 13: Offering Sacrifices On A Spiritual Altar


Deuteronomy 1A: Understanding God's Law
Deuteronomy 1B: A Heart of Unbelief
Deuteronomy 2A: Races of Giants
Deuteronomy 2B: Small Victories
Deuteronomy 3: Og King of Bashan
Deuteronomy 4A: God's Constitution
Deuteronomy 4B: What To Do In Tribulation
Deuteronomy 5A: Keep My Commandments
Deuteronomy 5B: Commandments Six through Ten
Deuteronomy 6A: Listen Up America!
Deuteronomy 6B: Keep These Words In Your Heart
Deuteronomy 7A: An Holy Nation
Deuteronomy 7B: Zero Tolerance
Deuteronomy 8: Not By Bread Alone
Deuteronomy 9: Destroy The Anakims (Today's Leftists)
Deuteronomy 10: A Covenant People
Deuteronomy 11A: Keep My Commandments
Deuteronomy 11B: How We Can Fix America
Deuteronomy 12A: Law Is A State of War
Deuteronomy 12B: Make Place For God In America
Deuteronomy 13: Laws Concerning False Prophets
Deuteronomy 14A: Dietary Laws for Health
Deuteronomy 14B: Taxes and Tithing
Deuteronomy 15: Key To A Debt Free America
Deuteronomy 16A: Will The Death Angel Pass Over You?
Deuteronomy 16B: Drinking, Feasting, and Rejoicing
Deuteronomy 17A: Capital Punishment: The Bible Demands It
Deuteronomy 18A: The Greatest Inheritance Is God
Deuteronomy 18B: 9 Dangerous Occult Practices Today
Deuteronomy 19: Innocent Blood Shall Not Be Shed
Deuteronomy 20: Laws of Warfare
Deuteronomy 21: Is God's Law Strange and Cruel?
Deuteronomy 22: Laws of Separation and Rape
Deuteronomy 24: Life, Liberty, and Happiness
Deuteronomy 25: Justice For All?
Deuteronomy 26: Put God First
Deuteronomy 27: 12 Curses Proclaimed & Acknowledged
Deuteronomy 28A: Security and Prosperity
Deuteronomy 28B: America's Cursed Future
Deuteronomy 28C: Foreign Conquest of America
Deuteronomy 28D: Times of Distress
Deuteronomy 29A: Pledge of Allegiance To God or The State?
Deuteronomy 29B: First Amendment and America's Demise
Deuteronomy 30: We The People vs. God
Deuteronomy 31A: Take Dominion!
Deuteronomy 31B: Removing God From America
Deuteronomy 32A: Song of Moses
Deuteronomy 32B: Covenant Lawsuit
Deuteronomy 32C: Sacrificing To Devils
Deuteronomy 32D: Terror Within
Deuteronomy 32F: The Avenger of Blood
Deuteronomy 33A: Blessings of The Patriarchy
Deuteronomy 33B: Joint Heirs To The Throne
Deuteronomy 33C: Moses' Last Will and Testament
Deuteronomy 34: Moses' Death and Burial


Revelation 1A: Introduction To Revelation
Revelation 1B: Alpha and Omega Codes
Revelation 1C: Is The Bible Encrypted?
Revelation 1D: Mysterious Symbols & A Great Voice
Revelation 1E: The Day of The LORD
Revelation 1F: Why Paul's Testimony of Jesus Christ Is Important
Revelation 1G: The Faithful Witness
Revelation 1H: 7 Candlesticks & The Heavenly Tabernacle
Revelation 2A: Does Your Church Pass Inspection?
Revelation 2B: Where Satan's Throne Is
Revelation 2C: Eating Things Sacrificed To Idols. Can We?
Revelation 2D: Synagogue of Satan: Who Are They?
Revelation 2E: False Jews & Judaisers
Revelation 3A: Thinking On A Higher Plane
Revelation 3B: God Desires Your Fervent Love
Revelation 4: Inside The Throne Room
Revelation 5A: Throne, Lamb, and a Mysterious Scroll
Revelation 5B: Seven Lamps of Fire
Revelation 6A: 4 Stages To World Government
Revelation 6B: Souls Under The Altar
Revelation 6C: Fearful Signs From Heaven
Revelation 7A: Who Are The 144,000?
Revelation 7B: Seal of God and The Cross
Revelation 7C: God Loves All Races, Not Just Israel
Revelation 8: Fire From Golden Altar Hits Earth
Revelation 9B: Demons From The Underworld
Revelation 9D: Great Plague of The 6th Trumpet
Revelation 10: Time No Longer
Revelation 11A: Is This Temple SPIRITUAL or PHYSICAL?
Revelation 11B: Rise and Measure The Temple
Revelation 11C: In Depth: The Two Witnesses
Revelation 12B: War In Heaven
Revelation 12H: Are Christians Being Forced Into Exile?
Revelation 12i: Contending For The Faith
Revelation 13A: Trinity of Evil
Revelation 13C: Third Person of The Evil Trinity
Revelation 13D: 666 & God's Challenge To You
Revelation 13E: 666 Hidden In Plain Sight
Revelation 13G: The Computation of 666
Revelation 13H: UPDATE: Our Quest To Calculate 666
Revelation 13i: Satan's Superman
Revelation 13J: Protocol #15 and The Masons
Revelation 13K: Flower of Life, Blueprint of Creation?
Revelation 13L: Part 1 - 666 Magic Square of The Sun
Revelation 13M: Part 2 - 666 Magic Square of The Sun
Revelation 13N: 666 Saros Eclipse Cycle
Revelation 13Q: Using Pebbles To Compute 666
Revelation 13R: The Prophetic Number 2520
Revelation 13T: Deep Inside The Soros Eclipse Cycle
Revelation 13U: Found: Template of Last Seven Years in Astronomy
Revelation 13V: Mystery of Iniquity vs. The Mystery of God
Revelation 13W: 666 The Number of His Name, Yesterday and Today
Revelation 13X: Personification and Anti-Personification
Revelation 13Y: Did Dinosaurs Exist With Humans?
Revelation 13Z: How Antichrist Will Deceive The World
Revelation 13Z-1: The Name of Blasphemy
Revelation 13Z-2: iOS = Phallus, Egg, Serpent
Revelation 13Z-3: Conclusions on the meaning of 666
Revelation 14A: Bride of Christ and Mother of Multitudes
Revelation 14B: Ripe For Judgment
Revelation 15: Standing No Matter The Cost
Revelation 16: Wrath of God
Revelation 17A: Intro To Mystery Babylon
Revelation 17B: The Difference Between Christianity and All Other Religions
Revelation 17C: Porn - Babylon's Wine of Fornication
Revelation 17D: Mystery Babylon Revealed
Revelation 17E: Why Stand With Kim Davis?
Revelation 17F: Can A Nation Be Demon Possessed?
Revelation 17G: Mystery Babylon Rises
Revelation 18A: Startling Truth About Economic Babylon & Corporatisim
Revelation 18B: Goddess of Liberty
Revelation 18C: 10 Horns Hate The Whore
Revelation 18D: America's National Goddess: Libertas?
Revelation 19A: Marriage Supper / Antichrist Burns Alive
Revelation 19B: The Son of Perdition
Revelation 20A: When Gog and Magog Attack
Revelation 20B: Who Lives During The Millennial Kingdom?
Revelation 20C: ONLY The Dead In Christ Rise
Revelation 20D: Flesh People In the Millennium
Revelation 21A: Overview of New Jerusalem
Revelation 21E: Hope of New Jerusalem
Revelation 21F: The Perfect Number "12"
Revelation 22: Knowing The End From The Beginning