"Every branch in me that bearers not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that bears fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit." -John 15:2

Just a quick update. Over the last week we purged hundreds of emails from our contact list who hadn't opened our emails in a long time. The more people we have on our lists the higher the premium we have to pay for our email sending service. So we wanted to clean things up a little bit to eliminate wasted spending. If you don't get an email from us within the next week or so that means your email got removed from our list. If we happened to remove your email by mistake please re-subscribe to our mailing list by clicking on the button below.

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At this time our ministry relies heavily on Facebook and YouTube to reach our audience but more and more they are finding ways to censure Bible teaching ministries and patriotic groups. At some point these services may completely ban us and the best means we have of keeping in contact with our viewers will be via email.

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But back to the verse about pruning. You know I'm just amazed at the pruning process in nature. Have you ever pruned an apple tree before, or any kind of fruit bearing plant that needs pruning? I mean you'd think you were harming the tree by cutting off one of its limbs, but the opposite occurs! When you prune a sick, dead, or non-productive branch the rest of the tree thrives. The healthy branches actually produce even more fruit and the branches grow stronger.

Too many churches today do not apply this principle of "pruning". They don't care how much fruit the branches are producing, they just want as many branches as they can grow. They want numbers, because they want more donations. Sure they may grow a big tree that way, but it will be a big overgrown tree with very little to no fruit growing on it.

Not what we want.

Every so often "pruning" is a good thing to practice in your own life. Find those things that aren't productive, eliminate them, and focus your time and energy on productive things. It could be a bad habit, bad friends who take up too much of your time, or any other number of things. Think of it as spring cleaning. You know everyone feels better when they eliminate clutter from their house that has accumulated over time. It's just such a good feeling. You feel organized and ready to accomplish something, rather than being bogged down with junk everywhere.

The same principles apply spiritually as well. Overtime if we don't prune the things in our life that keep us away from God we grow further and further away from Him.

Get rid of those dead branches!

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