The Memo: Trump vs. The Deep State

Image: Fox News

Last year, before Donald Trump even became our President, we did a number of prophetic studies related to God using Trump to judge the "Deep State" and the "Globalists" who have been systematically destroying America for decades now. Of course we didn't know if it was going to play out that way, but everything just seemed to point in that direction. The types of Cyrus the Great, Samson, and others were just too hard to ignore when it came to the rise of Donald Trump. Our gut feeling was that God was raising him up for a special purpose.

Now, being only days or hours away from the expected release of the "intelligence memo" (exposing the Deep State within our intelligence agencies), this only solidifies what we've been saying concerning Donald Trump. Probably the most notable study we did concerning Donald Trump vs. The Deep State was a video titled:
Prophecy 2017 | Donald Trump 70 Years & Now


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