Q & A | Donald Trump, Deadly Wound, Noah’s Sons, 3 World Ages

| September 15, 2016

Q. Do u think if Trump wins…that this would be the “political wound against the beast” that is written in Revelation?  Probably not…it just makes me think of this.  Thank you! (Sheila)

Q. Good sermon Ben but I thought you believed in evolution because you once said that all races came from the three sons of Noah and that there was no such thing as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Earth Age/Phase nor that the Noah’s Flood was local.

So now please tell us what is it? (A.J)

Q. After listening to your video, I have a question… Do you think the commandments of God, the instructions in holiness are done away with? Or is the method of forgiveness, the sacrificial system done away with? (Liz P)

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