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Governor Walz, We Will Not Bow! (MN Capitol Protest)

In this sermon on the steps of the MN State Capitol, Pastor Ben Heath points out from scripture that no government ever has the right to dictate to the church how they are to worship. Never are they allowed to close our doors or limit the amount of people we let in, not even during a so-called time of emergency. To do so is unlawful from both a Biblical and Constitutional standpoint. Read More…

Covid-19 and The Image of The Beast | Daniel 3

It's shocking to see how quickly people "conform" to unlawful government orders based off of lies, deceit, and fear mongering. “Gee, If everyone else is doing it then I should.” After what we’re witnessing today, it is not too hard to understand how most of the world will be duped into worshiping the "false messiah" and take the mark, NUMBER, and name OF THE BEAST (Rev. 13:17).

This 3rd Chapter of Daniel is so timely because it relates heavily to what is going on today. You’ll see why in a bit.
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