Christian Overcomers

Study the Word, Overcome the world

Repetition is the Key to Growth / Development

As a youth hockey coach I watch players skills grow tremendously each year because of the amount of repetitions they do in practice throughout the season. My job as a coach is to ensure the players get those repetitions, the maximum amount possible per hour of practice. When they get that, they get better! Pretty simple. As long as they are doing the reps correctly. But we often don't see this kind of diligence in our churches today, like we see in youth sports. That's why we have such a small number of people contending for the faith (Rev. 12:17). Most professed Christians these days are simply too unskilled to compete because their coach/pastor has not done his job in providing the instruction.

Sure, many attend church every Sunday, but are they being trained to handle the Word of God or do they just passively sit there listening to some sort of feel good sermon? How many churches do you know that actually teach the Bible chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse? Not many. Listening to one of those feel good sermons is equivalent to showing up to hockey practice, sitting on the ice, and never doing any of the drills. What good would that do? (See Psalms 1:2-3