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There has been no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, and I doubt there ever will be. But even if there was, if Trump colluded with the Russians to prevent America from being taken over by international bankers and global corporations - WHO ARE IN FACT colluding with the Democrat Party and the NeoCons to take away our freedom - then he is a hero.

The only thing he would be guilty of is trying to
Make America Great Again!

WATCH: Trump Delivers Deadly Wound to The Beast

But there is plenty of evidence that Obama, Hillary, Eric Holder, and the rest of the
Deep State actors have committed treason against America. Every act they’ve done is against America. Nothing they’ve done was for the benefit of America. They are Globalists “First” and they’ve proven that their loyalty is to a Global Government and not to America or her Constitution. President Trump was right when he ‘retweeted’ the tweet below. When are the trials for treason against America going to begin? American Patriots want to see justice!

Is President Trump sending the Deep State a warning? Does he now have access to all of the dirt on them? We’ll see. I pray that he does. God is in control.

By Pastor Ben Heath

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