A Nation Divided

| May 30, 2011
It would seem that there are now “Two Americas”. One America that desires to follow God, be blessed, and live in freedom; and another that desires to live in a godless socialist utopia. This is a recipe for disaster.


“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation: and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:” –Matthew 12:25

Many people have forgotten or have never been taught that America became great because she had a unity of purpose. The overwhelming majority of Americans worshipped the same God, read the same Bible, and spoke the same language.

They relied upon God for their freedoms.

This picture was used in an attempt to unite the American colonies against British oppression

They knew that governments could not grant freedom because governments throughout history have always ended up controlling the people and stripping them of their freedom. And they knew this wasn’t about to change. It’s just a fact. It’s too bad the other half of our nation seeking a socialist utopia does not understand this.

You know America is supposed to be “One Nation under God” not a nation divided under the many gods of multiculturalism, secular humanism, socialism, green earth worship, etc.

And it is no accident that our nation is being divided up like this, it is all part of a well orchestrated plan. You see our enemy knows that if he can remove God as the unifying factor, then our nation will fall. It’s the old “divide and conquer” strategy.

And Christ explains to us how this works in a certain parable.

He says:

“How can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house. He that is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad.” –Matthew 12:30

Beloved we are left defenseless against the enemy if we allow them to remove God and His Word from our nation, our communities, and our families. A house/family that does not keep God as the head of the house is in danger of being destroyed. Just take a look around. Look at all of the broken families across America. The enemy has entered in and spoiled them. Don’t let him remove the “strong man” from your house!

Too many people put their trust in a political party to save America from destruction.

It’s never going to happen, our nation will fall if we do not turn back to God.

Unfortunately there is not enough emphasis put on this today, even by many of our conservative leaders. Are they afraid to talk about it? I’m certainly not embarrassed or ashamed to. And I will continue to say so because I know that putting God back as the head of our house is the only way to freedom. Remember, it wasn’t a political party that granted America its freedom and independence in the first place.

It was God.

Our Founding Fathers were not embarrassed to admit this either. In fact they consistently emphasized the need for us to put our trust in God rather than man. If you don’t believe me, there is an excellent compilation of writings and quotes from our Founders in a work that you need to check out titled: America’s God and Country: Encyclopedia of Quotations. I have referred back to this work often in my research.

Some may ask then, “Will America ever become united again?”

Well, you just better prepare yourself and your family mentally and spiritually for the times ahead as the world prepares for the appearance of the “false messiah” and his New World Order (Mark 13). See that you do your best in keeping your family united; especially your spiritually family. For Satan is going to try and divide you every opportunity he has. If your family ever gets caught up arguing about nonsense, order Satan out and don’t let him back in. You don’t have to put up with him.

Because you are a Christian Overcomer!

God Bless,
Pastor Ben Heath

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  1. Pastor Heath:

    Just read your article, and in a general sense would say I agree with your analysis. I first became aware of the divisions that exist within my own family, where at the young age of 19 yrs, (now 57), I gave my life over to God when I accepted Christ. Since that time, God has lead me into types of work designed to be in service to others. I spent 17 years in the Army as a Chaplain’s Assistant, 21 years as a construction project manager for a large health care facilities installing large medical equipment like MRIs, CTs, Gamma Cameras, Department Renovations and more, all in an effort to fulfill my calling to be in service to others. There is no telling, the number of lives that have been touched by God through my employment opportunities. In 2009 I was laid off due to the huge economic battle we, as a country, find ourselves embroiled. Unfortunately, just when we need God the most in our lives, he seems to be AWOL, thus allowing his people to be destroyed by the darker forces that rule this country; America. Maybe that is God’s plan for his people, understanding we are to be in the world, but not of the world. Unfortunately, like Job, everything God has blessed me with, has been taken from me; house, career, marriage, savings, and more. I guess we can say, The Lord Gives, and He Takes Away. People who attempt to live a Christian live and principles are clearly under attack on all levels. God promised to protect his children, but history has taught us that, in this world, they are generally killed off and not protected by God. I guess I might sound a little bitter, but God’s power is not present in the world in equal strength to the powers of darkness it would seem, thus my analysis of him being AWOL. HOWEVER, recalling his words to “Remember the great things God has Done, when you are old”, gives me hope and a faith smaller than a grain of mustard seed, that he will do something truly Great, but for now, doors are NOT opening, opportunity does not exist, and life in America appears to be taking on that of the former Nazi Leaders of WWII, all wrapped up in legal, moral and ethical justification. For now though, I will just sit in my pile of dust, like Job, and wait for what comes; if life or death, either would be a welcome change to my meager pitiful, blessed existing if you call it that.


    Larry Cecil