Hank Williams Jr. A Modern Day Prophet?

| October 13, 2011

Country music legend Hank Williams Jr.

Well, I’m not sure we can go as far as saying that “Hank Williams Jr.” is a modern day prophet. But his songs have sure been an inspiration and a rallying cry to those who stand for Christianity and Freedom.

In addition to that, Hank has shown great fortitude in the face of a recent controversy with ESPN. They wanted to bench William’s Monday Night Football song because he made comments they didn’t feel were politically correct on Fox & Friends. But instead of allowing himself to be bullied by the “speech police”, Hank kicked the dust off of his feet and pulled his song from ESPN.

He and his rowdy friends are now out of there!

Keep the Change!

And as far as ESPN and the NFL go, it seems they have a real problem with Conservatives and Tea Party supporters. It wasn’t all that long ago that Rush Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN for comments he made that they didn’t deem politically correct either. And just recently Rush was blocked by the NFL from buying a team. Weird huh?

I thought football is supposed to be a manly sport. So why in the world do ESPN and the NFL promote political correctness, a product of limp wristed liberalism?

Is this a sign that America is in fact becoming the “United Socialist States of America” like Hank warned of in his new song? Yes, instead of turning the other cheek, Hank decided to take it to them by writing and releasing a new song titled:

“Keep The Change” (mp3 Download) Listen to it. You’re going to love it!

I believe this song is going to be a battle hymn for Conservative Christian Patriots for years to come. One of my favorite lines in the song was, “Ill keep my Christian name and you can keep the change.”

Awesome. It couldn’t be said any better.

In this line Hank is obviously referring to Obama’s campaign slogan and his efforts of changing America from a Christian nation unto a socialist nation, and that Hank and his rowdy friends don’t want it.

A Prophet’s Appearance

Hank’s appearance and demeanor remind me of some of the prophets in the Bible. His straight to the point, rough and tough singing is very similar to that of the speech of John the Baptist. Now John the Baptist wasn’t a country music star, and Hank Williams Jr. certainly isn’t a prophet of God’s Word, but they both serve and have served God with their unique, God given, gifts and talents.

For John the Baptist stood against the religious hypocrites of his day, and Hank Jr. is standing against the godless socialist tyrants of our day, through his music.

The Word “Prophet”

Many people make a lot out of the word “prophet”, making it seem so mysterious and mystical, but in the Bible the word prophet has a wide range of meanings. It doesn’t always mean “one who foretells the future”. Its broad meaning is “one who speaks for God”. One can speak for God by teaching His Word, making a stand for the truth, or even by singing. In fact the book of Psalms is actually a collection of prophetic lyrics to songs. Some of which were written and produced by the chief musician and harp player himself – King David.

Now am I trying to make Hank Jr. into some sort of perfect saint? No way. I just appreciate the stand he is making for Christianity and Freedom. Besides, if you’re looking for perfect looking people to serve God you’re looking in the wrong place. Oftentimes those who appear to look like servants of God are nothing but hypocrites. Jesus pointed this fact out in one place when contrasting the Scribes and Pharisees with John the Baptist.

This is what He said:

But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? behold, they that wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses. But what went ye out for to see? A prophet? yea, I say unto you, and more than a prophet. –Matthew 11:8-9

In other words, Jesus was saying don’t be let down by John’s appearance, because whether or not you realize it, John is a mighty servant of the Lord. Just look at yourself. We may not look like much to the world, but God is going to use people like you and I to serve him like never before (See 1 Corinthians 1:28, Joel 2:28-29).

Gotcha Game

If what Hank said at the end of his new song was true, that Fox & Friends set him up by throwing curve balls at him instead of sticking to the subject of his father’s new CD “The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams, it’s already backfiring. Hanks new song “Keep The Change” has been downloaded over 100,000 times after just a day or so of being released.

So listen up you weasels who want to control what we think and say:

“We say grace, we say amen, and if you don’t like that, we don’t give a DAMN!

-Hank Williams Jr. “A Country Boy Can Survive”

I think I’m going to get me a couple of Hank CD’s today….

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God Bless,
Pastor Ben Heath

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