Cry Babies Occupying Wall Street

| November 22, 2011

Free market makes people un-free! Down with capitalism! Eat the rich!

Occupy Wall Street Protestors

You know hearing these kinds of slogans, and observing the un-showered sloth looking people belching them out, it doesn’t take one too long to figure out that these protests are not a good thing. Sure, global corporations (Rev 18:3) and greed have helped in the decay of America, but so have laziness, immorality, and dependence upon government. And from what I’ve seen so far, these three things characterize most of the people at these protests.

Right Wing Mama has done an excellent job exposing the nature of these people. Go over there and read her latest blogs about Occupy Wall Street. You’ll be shocked at some of the things you’ll hear and see from these people.

Yes there are some shared grievances among the Tea Party Patriots and Occupy Wall Street protestors, but the two groups are drastically different in many ways and have completely different solutions to the problems we face.

Besides the fact that Occupy Wall Street protestors are predominately liberal and have voted for many of the people who helped create the mess we are in (Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Hussein Obama). Their solution is to have government steal from the have’s and redistribute it to the have not’s. In fact many of them are calling for A World Government as the solution.

While most in the Tea Party want America to return to God, and to have the government get off our backs!

You see godless revolutions, like the one Occupy Wall Street protestors are attempting to fuel, always lead to chaos, disorder, and bloodshed. Compare the French Revolution with that of the American Revolution by reading the book Reflections on the Revolution in France.

Both revolutions sought Freedom and Liberty, but the character of the people were entirely different. Americans leaned upon God for help, while the godless French put their trust in man and suffered greatly for it.

I don’t know why it is so hard for many people to love God and obey His Commandments. Especially when He has laid out to us the blueprints to happiness and success. All we have to do is follow them. In fact in Deuteronomy 28:1-68, God promises us a whole list of blessings that will befall us if we follow His Commandments. But He also lists off a bunch of curses that will befall us if we ignore and despise His Commandments. And guess what? The financial problems we’re experiencing today is a direct result of our disobedience.

So instead of crying and carrying on like a bunch of little babies, maybe these Wall Street protestors should repent and turn to God?

Because I assure you when God sends a punishment upon a people, there is no way to escape it (See The Locust Invasion). And when people have tried throughout history, like King Zedekiah did when he attempted to escape the king of Babylon, whom God sent to correct he and his people, they are going to dig themselves a deeper hole. King Zedekiah’s disobedience caused him to see his own sons slain before him just before having his eyes gauged out and being led away in chains by the king of Babylon (2 Kings 25:7).

Think about it. If you tried to escape punishment from your own parents while growing up as a child instead of repenting for your disobedience, did it or did it not get worse for you?

Our Heavenly Father is no different when it comes to these things (Amos 5:19). And these Wall Street protestors are no different than Zedekiah in the respect that they both attempted or are attempting to achieve success without God.

But getting back to the financial problems here in America. Most of our troubles are due to one simple thing.


Borrowing, spending, and paying interest on loans is destroying our nation. And guess what? Yes Almighty God instructed us long ago to stay out of debt! Just as Moses relayed to us when he said:

The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. –Deuteronomy 28:12

Disobedience to this simple command is causing the fruits of our labor to be siphoned off just to pay the interest on loans we’ve taken from the Federal Reserve (A privately owned banking cartel), and China – the two largest holders of America’s debt.

And don’t think I’m just going to blame Democrats for this financial crisis. Free Trade Republicans are to blame as well. For free trade has given rise to global corporations, causing American jobs to go oversees, and has opened up our borders to allow countries like China to financially rape us.

In his new book, Suicide of a Superpower, Pat Buchanan puts it well when he says:

Though Bush 41 and Bush 43 often disagreed, one issue united them and Bill Clinton: protectionism. Globalists all, they rejected any measure to protect America’s manufacturing base or the wages of U.S. workers. They enacted NAFTA, created the World Trade Organization, abolished tariffs, and granted China unrestricted access to the U.S. market. (p.15)

In two decades, China has grown from a vast undeveloped country into the second largest economy on earth, ahead of Japan, and the world’s leading exporter, ahead of Germany. China is now the factory to the world and the banker to America.” (p.19)

Welcome to twenty-first-century America, where globalism has become the civil religion of our political and corporate elite. (p.21)

And that’s what’s happening. “Those who will not be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants” (William Penn).

So the Occupy Wall Street protestors can weep, mourn, shout, and play the victim all they want, and blame capitalism for their sorrows. But capitalism isn’t the problem. Capitalism is the economic system God approves of, because it’s a system that rewards those who use their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to produce products and services that others need or want. (See article titled Socialism and the Bible) The real problems are Free Trade, The Federal Reserve, and Globalism.

Maybe these protestors should occupy their time studying God’s Word instead of occupying Wall Street? Maybe then they’ll be able to help solve the problem rather than being a part of it.

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In His Service,
Pastor Ben Heath

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  1. J.C. Rose says:

    You are badly misinformed. I do not fit the stereotype promoted by the corporate propaganda in the media. I believe in many of the beliefs of Occupy Wall Street. It is the real Tea Party that sees the big picture and blames causes and not symptoms like the corporate controlled Tea Party. I am a Christian, I take baths, I believe a person should work if possible, I am not a socialist, communist, Marxist, or capitalist. You are under the “strong delusion” that 2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12 warned about that would “deceive if possible even the elect” (Mathew 24:24,25). This deception is caused because corporations own most of the government and much of the media. This is a move of God. Jesus said sinners would get into heaven before the hypocritical Pharisees The corporate bought Christians are modern Pharisees. The Republican party is owned by corporations and is the beginning of Antichrist government. It is a bigger deal than you think.

  2. J.C. Rose says:

    You sound like a Christian, then you should know that Antichrist government is due to begin at any time. Antichrist government is government that appears to be Christian, but is not. It is not a “godless” socialist plot. Open your mind and eyes and read the Huffington Post and not just Right-wing corporate propaganda. The truth lies in the middle between the far Left and the far Right. There is a big hole in our political system, and that is where the truth is, and where the Center should be, but the Center has no voice. That is the “narrow”way spoken of by Jesus that leads to life that the political system of this world hides from all. Pastor Jim Wallis is very sensible despite the propaganda against him. You are not seeing the whole picture, but that is what the corporate interests want. Wealthy Christian leaders who convince everyone to silently go along with the corporate crime are either corrupt or just spoiled and clueless. Corporate propaganda blames socialists for everything, but most people even on the Left don’t consider themselves socialists any more than you do. They are just Americans of all kinds including Christians that see a dangerous amount of power in the hands of multi-national corporations and Wall Street. Some of them are immoral, but many are not. This corporatocracy that has stolen government with bribes owns the Republican party and partly owns the Democrats too, that is why they can make you think it is socialists causing the problems, but it is corporations that are taking over both sides. They are doing the very tyranny that you fear from socialists. The ones slandered as socialists are the ones trying to protect us from their total evil. By fighting the wrong enemy, you are falling right into their trap. When they destroy unions they will have pretty much complete control over the government. Then they will be able to pay slave labor wages here like they do in third world countries. They nearly have a world anitchrist government. They’d love to be able to come back here and pay crap to the most productive people in the world, but their so-called job creators won’t create jobs until they are slave labor jobs. The corporate controlled Republican cult sabatoges social programs for their greed and that is one of the main reasons why we cannot afford to help the poor. The churches cannot do it alone, but we are supposed to believe they can. That is a lie from hell. Where in the Bible does it say that government has no responsiblity to help people in need? Just the opposite, Jesus said the gospel (good news) was “to the poor’. That means His kingdom government will help the poor. There are far more scriptures about helping the poor than there are on homosexuality and abortion. Christians believe we are in the age of grace, yet we forcus on the law about sin. Yet how many Christians have ever prayed even 5 minutes for a homosexual? Even fewer have ever fasted for them. They cannot help that they are in a deep bondage that no amount of laws can change. And if you don’t want abortion, you have to help poor people afford contraception and assist them with food. Just making laws is not what Jesus would do. “Faith wihout works is dead.” The Republican establishment and their fake ‘tea party cult are like Pharisees. Obviously, I do read my Bible and know it well. The rich have already redistributed the wealth to themselves that God intended for all. Just because some people can afford to exploit the natural resources does not mean it all belongs to them. Sure they should get finders fees for oil and paid for getting it out etc, but God still would have wanted everyone to have a part of it. The corporations pay themselves far too much and employees far too little, they buy politicians who in turn give them corporate welfare by the trillions which is massive extortion, they buy politicians that deregulate Wall Street gambling that stole trillions of taxpayer money before the bailouts, their corporations pay little to no taxes. All of these things makes regular middle class people pay for what the corporatocracy does. Even if they are caught in crime, what they pay in fines a fraction of what they got in profits from their misdeeds, and they simply pass the costs down to us. They will get more and more cruel, and God is waiting to see how far you will go along with them in that cruelty. Will that wake you up? Or will you become like the evil slave that began beating his brother when the Lord was delaying?

  3. Phillip says:

    You are badly misinformed, since not all “members” of the Tea Party movement are ignorant of the affect of “global corporations” (mentioned in the first paragraph) on both parties.

    Seeing that the phrase “Sure, global corporations (Rev 18:3) and greed have helped in the decay of America…” appears in the VERY FIRST PARAGRAPH, it would appear that you didn’t even read what he said and are only pushing your agenda.

    Both 2 Thess 2 & Matt 24 state:

    “with all power and signs and lying wonders”

    “Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

    You haven’t seen these great signs, and the Lord did not say “global corporations shall rise and deceive if possible even the elect.”

    Yet you said “This deception is caused because corporations own most of the government and much of the media.”

    That’s true in part AS HE SAID IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH and referencing Rev 18:3.

    It really doesn’t look as though you READ the article.