The Locust Invasion of 1965

| November 28, 2011

Mexican / American Border

Tea Party Patriots and Conservative Christians are alarmed by illegal immigration and its negative effects upon our nation, and rightly so. But something even more threatening to the America our Founding Fathers entrusted us with is rarely ever discussed. Yet this forbidden or ignored topic can be, I believe, single handedly attributed to the current downfall of America.

And that something was the Immigration Act of 1965.

An act that opened America up to be invaded by peoples of Third World countries, to peoples whose loyalties are not to the preservation of America’s Christian Heritage, but whose hearts are rather given to change.

Even if Conservatives gain the majority in the Senate and win the Presidency in 2012, it will be a short lived revival, much like Hezekiah’s (2 Kings 20:1-21), unless we get serious about illegal immigration and go back to pre 1965 immigration polices.

Let me explain.

Prior to the Immigration Act of 1965, America’s immigration policies, otherwise known as the National Origins Formula, were designed to maintain the existing “ethnic” composition of America. Americans wanted to keep the percentages of Europeans, Africans, Asians, Mexicans, Jews, etc. the same as what they currently were. They wanted to preserve America’s cultural and national identity. Because most believed what made America great was that we were primarily “one people” with a common ancestry, who spoke the same language, and served the same God.

Thus their motto was: ONE NATION UNDER GOD

But the Immigration Act of 1965 has done just the opposite. It has divided America into many different sub-nations of people who worship many different gods. And instead of maintaining the current ethnic composition, this Act was designed to displace White European Christians as the majority and replace them with non-Christian peoples from Asia, Africa, and other Third World countries around the world.

In most other countries this would be considered an Act of Treason!

And what makes this Act so dangerous to America’s Christian heritage as well as to our very freedom, is the fact that these immigrants from Third World nations, in league with existing minorities, have consistently voted for liberal politicians who support anti-moral, anti-Christian, and big government politicians.

In 2008, African American voters went 24-1 for Obama (p.346 Suicide of a Superpower). 64% of Asian voters went for him, as well as 68 percent of Hispanics. All minority groups, including Jews, voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

Now unless many of these immigrants and their descendants miraculously have a change of heart and begin voting for people who defend Christian morals and values, or we change our immigration policies, America will continue down the path of self-destruction. Because in America, the majority rules. And when White Christians who have been the backbone of those defending moral and religious values in America become a minority group in the year 2041 (Deut 4:27), the locust invasion will be complete. America will no longer be the same America we grew up in.

If you are wondering why I am calling this a “locust Invasion”, it is because what we’re seeing today was described long ago in the Book of Joel as such. There, God likens a future invading army of heathens (non-Christians) to a cloud of locusts that come in and strip away clean the heritage of His people (Joel 1:6-7).

He said,

A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them. –Joel 2:3

Some other places God uses the locust to represent the curse of invading heathen armies are Deuteronomy 28:38, Judges 6:5, Judges 7:12, and Revelation 9:3. Read those chapters when you get a chance.

But look at what He said concerning the land just prior to their coming. It used to be as the Garden of Eden!

You can’t say that about America anymore. Most of our cities aren’t even safe enough to walk through now (Lev 26:33). The locusts have destroyed them. In addition to that, the latest financial crisis we’re in today was caused primarily by government programs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which forced banks to give loans to those who could not pay them back. And guess what? The great majority (percentage wise) of those who could not pay them back were minorities and immigrants from Third World nations. Now we, and our children are burdened with that debt, a debt that is impossible to pay back.

Save us, O LORD our God, And gather us from among the heathen, To give thanks unto Thy holy name, and to triumph in Thy praise. –Psalms 106:47

In His Service,
Pastor Ben Heath

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