Global Interdependence vs. Independence

| December 28, 2011

Have you ever wondered why our politicians in Washington DC consistently block any attempt to tap into the vast amount of oil resources here in and off the coast of our own nation? I mean if they would just allow us to drill for our own oil the economy would be fixed virtually overnight and America would be back on the path to prosperity.

Why would they not do this? It doesn’t make any sense.

However it makes perfect sense when one understands that in order for the political elite to realize their dreams of a “One World Government” they must first make sure that all nations remain or become dependent upon one another. For if they allowed America to drill for its own oil and gain energy independence that would become a huge obstacle standing in their way of achieving their goal of “global interdependence”. They want us to have to get our oil from foreign nations.

That’s why they do whatever they can to block any effort to drill here at home.

You see the globalists are constantly thinking up ways to make the nations of the world interdependent upon one another. And notice I said “inter-dependent” not “independent.” The two words are 180° different in their meanings.

One leads to bondage and the other to freedom.

Oh, I can assure you that if our Founding Fathers were alive today, the second American Revolution would already be underway. And they’d be busy right now running the globalists out of our nation for committing treason. We’ll they’d probably be doing a little more than just running them out. I mean think about it. Interdependence to a World Government violates every founding principle of America, most notably, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

You know I could imagine if it was intolerable for their own brethren (The British) to oppress them, that it would have been much, much, more intolerable for foreigners from non-Christian nations to rule over them like what’s happening today in this new age of global interdependence.

They would not be putting up with this.

Creating Wars

Before we get into other methods the globalists use to create interdependence among the nations of the world, it’s first important to understand that they have, and still do, create wars as sort of a prerequisite to promoting interdependence.

Why would they do this?

Answer: To Divide, Conquer, and Consolidate

How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World

In other words they needed to create wars in order to break down the “existing order” so that they could replace it with their “new world order”. It’s really that simple. You see prior to WWI and WWII there were a number of independent kingdoms still present in Europe that they needed to destroy. And those two world wars accomplished exactly that. WWII marked the end of the German, Russian, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and ultimately the British Empire whereas it used to be said of them that:

“The sun never set on the British Empire”.

Naturally after being fatigued from the horrors of those two wars, the nations of the world came together in an attempt to bring peace to the world.

Of course the League of Nations failed and was disbanded before WWII and though the United Nations lacks any real power it still remains to this day. But the important thing to learn here is that these two attempts to create a World Government were brought about by using one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Cause a problem and then offer a solution to it.

And though you were actually the instigator of the problem, the world sees you as a savior. This is a method Satan and his children have been using for a long, long, time. (2 Cor 11:14).

Some would attempt to call this a conspiracy theory, it may be a conspiracy, but it’s certainly not a theory.

It’s a fact.

For it was written a couple thousand years ago, and even before, exactly how the enemies of Christianity and Freedom would break down the nations of the world through wars, and other manufactured crises, then reunite them into an unnatural, beastly hybrid of a kingdom under the control of 10 world rulers (Rev 13:1). And they’ve been doing just that.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? Do you remember what the mission of the Red Horseman was? His job was to create great wars. I’m not going to go into detail here, but we do have an article titled “The 4 Stages of World Socialism” that explains the mission of the 4 horsemen.

And if you really want to study the inner workings of our enemy, watch our YouTube series on the Book of Esther by clicking here. Or get the series on DVD or CD. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out.

Creating Interdependence

In the meantime, while they continue to break down what’s left of the existing order through wars and manufactured crises, the globalist elite are putting mechanisms in place, one piece at a time, to be fully operational at the time they feel the conditions are right to officially announce their New Word Order.

And that time will most likely come after a carefully planned collapse of the world economy is complete. It will come at a time when the nations of the world will become so desperate for a solution that they will be willing to do almost anything to solve it. And guess who will be there to offer them the solution?

You got it. Those who manufactured the crises in the first place!

Just the other day the head of the IMF was already planting the seeds for this. Christine Lagarde was urging Europeans to speak with one voice to solve this crisis or risk endangering the global economy even more than it already is. And when the economy gets worse, I’m sure they will start telling “all” nations to speak with one voice or risk losing everything.

I’ll translate this even further for you. What they are really going to say is: “Either accept the New World Order or else we’ll make sure your life is miserable.”

Free Trade

But why should it matter to us whether or not the rest of the world’s economy is doing good or bad? Why should that affect us?

Well there are several factors, but one major factor is “Free Trade”. Free Trade has caused us to be “dependent” upon other nations for things we used to produce right here in America. And it has been anything but free for us. It has cost us our manufacturing base resulting in countless American jobs going overseas to nations like China, Japan, and Mexico, where they can produce these same products at a much cheaper price.

American companies simply cannot compete with foreign companies who pay their workers $2 a day.


But the long and short of it is that Free Trade is simply one of the tools that the “globalist elite” created in an effort to bring America down to the same level in economic power and influence as all other nations and bring about economic interdependence. “You do believe in ‘equality’ don’t you?”
What a joke.

But a closer analysis of Free Trade reveals that it has really been nothing more than just a back door means of redistributing America’s wealth around the world. Yes, just another method of creating “interdependence” among the nations.


In addition to our spending and debt problems, if you really want to know why our economy stinks today even though we are rich in oil, natural resources, agriculture, and have just about enough of everything we need here at home to be 100% self-sufficient, it’s because our elected officials have allowed the globalist elite to sacrifice your wealth and your children’s future in an effort to build a World Government. A World Government that will one day strip you of your liberties and freedoms and make you its slave.

This is why our Lord warned us to be “Independent” rather than “Interdependent” when He said:

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. –Revelation 18:4

In His Service,
Pastor Ben Heath

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