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| August 7, 2012

Our primary mission at Christian Overcomers is to help arm God’s people with the TRUTH. So in addition to our verse-by-verse Bible Studies via Podcast, YouTube, and Blog Posts, we’ve also created an Amazon Bookstore with many great works to be studied along with the Bible. I say “along with” because it can be very difficult to understand or apply many parts of the Bible without a thorough knowledge of history, current events, government, migrations of various peoples, and etc. So we’ve tried to make it easy for our listeners to access some of the best resources out there by putting them in all in one place – Christian Overcomers Suggested Booklist.

What we’ve also decided to do from time to time is to give you a little taste of some of the resources we recommend by periodically highlighting a certain book with a review or simply quoting a few paragraphs or pages from them. Below is a quote from one of my favorite resources, America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations by William J. Federer, a book that I have used for years in my own research whether it was for writing college papers, for my blog postings, or just to prove to a friend that America was indeed founded as a Christian Nation. You may even want to share this quote with your “liberal” friends 🙂 Before reading this book I never knew that there was ever such a thing as a “Year of the Bible”. Check it out!

America's God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations

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President Ronald Reagan, October 4, 1982, as authorized and requested by a Joint Resolution of the 97th Congress of the United States of America, held at the City of Washington, designated 1983 as the national “Year of the Bible.” The Resolution, Public Law 97-280, declared:

WHEREAS the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people;

WHEREAS deeply held religious convictions springing from the Holy Scriptures led to the early settlement of our Nation;

WHEREAS Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government that are contained in the Declaration of Independence and  the Constitution of the United States;

WHEREAS many of our great national leaders–among them Presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, and Wilson–paid tribute to the surpassing influence of the Bible in our country’s development, as in the words of President Jackson that the Bible is “the Rock on which our Republic rests”;

WHEREAS the history of our Nation clearly illustrates the value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies;

WHEREAS this Nation now faces great challenges that will test this Nation as it has never been tested before; and

WHEREAS that renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture can strengthen us as a nation and a people. NOW, THEREFORE, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President is authorized and requested to designate 1983 as a national “Year of the Bible” in recognition of both the formative influence the bible has been for our Nation, and our national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

October 4, 1982
Ronald Reagan

Pages 528-529 America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations by William J. Federer

Would to God that our people would have listened to Ronald Reagan’s call to America to get back into God’s Word and to apply it to our everyday life. We wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today!

In His Service,
Pastor Ben Heath

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