The New World Order: Intro to Revelation

| January 17, 2013

The Daily Manna  (Revelation Intro)

“Of all the books of the Bible, this is the one that certainly may be considered as the book for the end of the age. And it would seem that in these last thirty years, the Western world itself, including its statesmen, scientists, economists, and essayists, has consciously, or unconsciously, recognized this. This is especially true in regard to the use of the word apocalypse. The word has come to stand for an age of upheaval, world conditions fraught with fearful consequences, the unleashing of vast powers which man himself seems unable to control…

This is supremely the book of one world, and surely now, in the middle of this twentieth century, we are approaching a one-world condition. Frequently in the Apocalypse we come upon such a phrase as “many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings” (10:11; 11:9; 17:15), which suggests the universal scope of the vision. When kings are introduced, they are the “kings of the whole world” (16:14; 17:2,18; 18:9; 19:19). Of Satan it is said that he is “the deceiver of the whole world” (12:9). All nations commit fornication with the harlot (18:3,23). The economic boycott enforced by the beast covers all mankind (13:16,17). In fact, the beast from the sea has given to him “authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation” (13:7); and of him it is said, “All that dwell on the earth shall worship him” (13:8). There is great significance in the fact that when the time comes for Christ to assume his rightful place as King of kings and Lord of lords, the word for the government of this world is in the singular, “the kingdom of the world” (11:15).”

The words above were taken from p.1492 of The Wycliffe Bible Commentary.

500px-Emblem_of_the_United_Nations.svgThey’re basically telling us that the book of Revelation is primarily for the end times, the time when the nations of the world unite together in what’s often called the New World Order.

Boy just look around, it’s obvious we are moving quickly towards that time. In fact, I think we could be only one major crisis away from this happening. Take for instance the economy. If the entire world economy collapses at some point, which it will, the nations of the world will meet together in an attempt to fix it, and that solution will ultimately be the creation of a World Currency and a New World Order.

This stuff is important to know so that we can be prepared and know how to handle it when it comes.

For example, we are told in Revelation 13:10 that whoever resists the New World Order by the sword must be killed with the sword.

That leaves only one other option. We have to fight this peaceably and with the truth, or lose.

Now remember this verse, because it could be very easy at times to get tempted by anger and just lash out with violence. We can’t do that. We must fight this war wisely. In other words, if Obama or any other president is successful in taking away our guns, by all means we should resist them, but not with violence. We must protest peacefully.

Ok, that should give us a little heads up about what we’re getting into here in this book. Tomorrow we start with verse one.

But tell me. If you were to give a summary of the entire book of Revelation in one sentence, what would you write?

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In His Service,
Pastor Ben Heath

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  1. Let’s hear what you have to say!

  2. Samuel Williams says:

    I disagree somewhat in what you state here, but it is mainly a different interpretation. I interpret Revelations 13:8-11 to mean that when the Beast comes into power, the world will worship him except those whose names have been written in the Lamb’s book of life; and those that are to be taken captive will be taken captive, and if any of those “to be killed” by the sword, shall “be killed by” the sword. I do not interpret this passage that I am to be passive and give my guns up. If is God’s will that I will be by killed by the sword, than that is how I will die. And if I am to be taken captive, then I will be taken captive. God will decide what my fate will be.

  3. Samuel Williams says:

    Sorry I re read the verses again this time using my own KJV, not the version given on the internet. I now agree what you say Pastor. But is going to be difficult for me. I’m a 65 year old vet that has seen many evil done by many governments including our own. And through the years I’ve become very rigid and somewhat combative. I will pray hard for guidance, but my AR-15 is locked and loaded and my powder is dry.

  4. I’m with you Sam, and you are right. That verse does specify the time as being when the Beast actually comes into power. We’ll just have to monitor the situation, pray for the Lord’s leading, and see how this all unfolds. The last thing I want to do is give up my second amendment rights! But I do believe we must be careful and wise not to fall into the traps of the enemy.

    Thanks for the comment my friend.

  5. Samuel Williams says:

    I know Ben. I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution Of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. When Obama was re elected I affirmed that oath again this time adding “to the death” if necessary.
    It will be almost impossible for me to think about going against this oath.
    I will put my trust in the Lord and pray I reach the correct decision. In the meantime, I can protect my family against mobs and riots etc. that may come before the Beast sets up his World Order.
    God Bless

  6. Samuel Williams says:

    Pastor Ben,
    One last thought. After our conversation last night, I did a lot of praying and talked with the LORD. Here is what I have decided is my course of action. When the USA falls to the depths of Greece ( and I believe if something is done soon, we will) my second amendment rights are still in effect and I will use all my skills including violent means to protect my family from thugs and rioters. But when the one world government becomes reality, and Satan, the Antichrist, the Abomination, or what ever you call him takes over, then I will become passive and fight no more with weapons. I believe that is what the Lord expects. We are told to face the abomination and not to speak as the Holy Spirit will speak through us. That is my recourse.
    Thanks for this great opportunity to discuss these things. This is a great idea.

  7. I’m with you there too Sam. Glad you like this new blog format! I think we are all going to grow much from it.

  8. Jennifer Frank says:

    Gosh Ben, this is awesome! I will try to keep up daily- my work schedule is crazy right now- plus I study with Shepherd’s Chapel too!
    Anyway to some up the book of Revelation on one sentence:
    Revelation teaches us that Christ is the Alpha & Omega, His tongue is a double edge sword; He is revealing to us His Supreme authority in what is to come and what is to be & to watch for the time of the Millenium; how to set things right in our hearts & as “churches’ what pleases & displeases Him. (Can’t do it in one sentence!) He also reveals to us specific things that will take place so that believers & nonbelievers are fair warned. All in all He will set everything right & reward those that ” see, hear & do not faint or become deceived.

  9. Thanks Jennifer! I’m glad you like this new interactive blog.

    It is hard to sum up this book in one sentence isn’t it 🙂 There is so much.

  10. please read VIP says:

    The true outpouring of the Holy Spirit of truth happens before the 5th shofar and 5th vial is poured. Revelation 7:3-4,13-14 Revelation 9:4! Joel 2:28-29-this happens in the homes of God’s people and their family members (read Isaiah 26:20-21)! the people of God flee all man made churches, anything of the identical jesus christ movement. then Joel 2:30 which shows the aftermath of the sixth and fifth shofar sounds and fifth and sixth vial poured. then Joel 2:31-32 happens…

    must watch and hear video on youtube titled, “Christ testimony of the churches -around the world.” there are two identical Jesus Christ revelation 17:8. most of revelation is happening in the spirit world. that’s why Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and Lot. the abomination of desolation is happening in the spirit realm inside all these man made buildings set up for worship. the Christians and catholics, etc are not aware of what’s happening to them and around them in these places, (churches -any four wall building representing God to gather believers of Christ). these churches around the world are all connected to “The Great City” Revelation 11, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt and Mystery of iniquity. Church leaders around the world are searching of the earthly signs. this will not happen until the very last day and hour. God will not allow man to destroy the earth with nuclear bombs. read matthew 3:12 and Revelation 20:9. God sends his son to the earth with the fire behind him consuming all his enemies which are left from the resurrection of the dead and those that are alive. the body of Christ is gathered as the son of man appears at last sound of shofar, he is coming while the wheat are gathered and the tares are left as the chaff and earth is consumed by the fire of God.