7 Candlesticks & The Heavenly Tabernacle (Revelation 1 H)

| February 19, 2014

STUDY # 8 – Did you know that the earthly Tabernacle the Israelites made was a model of the real TABERNACLE IN HEAVEN and that the old ceremonies performed by the priests there were shadows of what actually goes on up there? (Hebrews 9-10) If you want to better understand prophecies in Revelation this is important to know.

-Christ our High Priest tends the candlesticks (1:11-19)
-Supreme court of universe in session before the Throne (4-5)
-Opening of the seals, blowing of trumpets, pouring out vials
-Souls crying out before the altar (6:9-11)
-Angel offers up prayers of saints from altar of incense (8:1-5)
-Temple opened, ark of covenant seen (11:19)
-Reaper angels come out of Temple (14:14-20)
-Angels with vials come out of a smoke filled Temple (15:5-8)
-Great voice yells from the Temple to vial carrying angels (16:1)
-Voice from altar shouts out “God’s judgments are righteous…” (16:7)
-Great voice from the Temple shouts “It is done” (16:17)

I should be careful to add that though these old rituals were a shadow of Heavenly things, we are not actually to outwardly observe them anymore (most of them). We are just to understand their meanings. Under the New Covenant Christ did away with the Old Priesthood, nailed these “ordinances” to His cross and became our High Priest under the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 5-10). The veil into the Holy of Holies is rent, we no longer need a man priest to make intercession for us. We can go right in ourselves to commune with our Heavenly Father.

When an “angel” priest performs his duties in Heaven, it is not just a ceremonial ritual (dress rehearsal), it is the real thing. For example: When the 7 angels pour out vials upon the earth this isn’t just something the angels do every week, they are actually pouring out the wrath of God.

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