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Christian Overcomers is a line-by-line Bible teaching ministry founded in 2007 dedicated to helping Christians go from merely believing in Jesus towards being Overcomers. If you're here looking for our Statement of Faith, it can be found in both the Old and New Testaments called the Holy Bible. We simply believe and teach every word of it to the best of our ability. We hope and pray this site will be a blessing to you.

God bless & Be A Christian Overcomer!

Pastor Ben Heath

Christian Overcomers
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The modern church gives us the perception that being a Christian is super easy. In fact, most sermons we hear boil down to one phrase - “all you have to do is believe”. That’s pie in the sky Christianity my friends. While it’s true that you can’t earn your own way to heaven by good deeds and that grace is a free gift, it’s NOT true that being a Christian is easy. Once you take the “free gift” of grace, the challenge begins, just like it did with the Israelites after they were saved from Pharaoh. Next came testing in the wilderness and a war to conquer the promised land.

Will you complete the mission?
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